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    Adult Video Chat Room: 100% Free online dating for everyone including seniors, White singles, Black singles, Asian, Latino, Latina, BBW, and everyone else. I'm fun loving, spontaneous and love meeting new people...let's go for coffee sometime and get to know eachother... I promise, I won't bite ;) I work hard running my own business and am on a steep learning curve discovering the different roles you need to play when starting out on your own.

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    Peta: I was wondering if you would consider a list of reads that really made you laugh, like the seduction and snacks series by Tara Sivec. Witty banter, embarrassingly hilarious situations, laugh-out-loud funny. (my review of Seduction and Snacks and the The Chocolate Lovers Series Reading Order) Tangled (The Tangled Series) by Emma Chase I recommended this book on our Facebook page when Kristie asked for “…a clean, funny, love story with out too much drama” Maryse; Have you read Tangled… Which cinched that I needed to start this list, ’cause it was everything I was in the mood for, and didn’t even know it. until, she becomes his next assistant, and is subjected to his assistant-torture. The heroine is one of my absolute favorites ’cause she was just so real and sooooooo funny. I spent a Sunday afternoon in grin-mode, and by the end my cheeks were hurting. Of cours,e it’s pretty much all hate at first, as these Bradford men prove to annoy every single female-neighbor in their vicinity. And it’s such fun to go from her wanting to kick his door down and then kick his butt, to them actually becoming… Nichole agrees: “I read all three this weekend and they are hilarious. Laura recommended My Commander by Alanea Alder and it’s freakin hilarious! On the tampon scene…five paranormal alpha males trying to figure out what a period is and what tampons to get *giggling*Maryse: Okay this is ridiculous… Very funny, sweet romance read, I highly recommend it. the Losing It series (Cara Carmack); Shine not Burn (Elle Casey); For a Good Time Call (Trish Jensen); Mother of the Bride (Lynn Michaels); Boycotts and Barflies (Victoria Michaels); The Patty Dropper (Liv Morris); the Against the Wall series (Julie Prestsater); An Unplanned Lesson (Beth Rinyu); and the Girl Next Door series (CC Wood). Tracey and I look forward to reading your blog every day Julia Quinn has seemed to master the historical rom-com. The first two books are out and they are called “Temporary Bliss” and “True Bliss”. Sweet, wry and funny, and apparently, the author is a real person writing about a real relationship. If you love screwy dialogue and snappy banter, this is a delightful dish of angsty hilarity. I have read many of these romantic comedies, and others are on my to-read list.

    Lately all I want are funny reads but they are harder to find than you would think…. Michelle: I’ve been reading some “dark” books and sweet romances and am in the mood for funny. If you’re looking for funny but with a great romantic slow burn, this one’s the one!! Plus there’s more to come in this series, and I can’t wait for more! She’s crushing on the “higher-up” at the firm she works for, even though he’s a notorious no-nonsense meanie. Of course there gorgeous, and they even have a little “bad-boy” in ‘em, but they’re a bit self-centered (loud parties, stealing the neighbors food deliveries… I was actually laughing out loud through a lot of it. Loaded with hotness, tons of laughs, witty banter and smex. A very funny part was when her boyfriend put sriracha sauce on her….well, you just have to read it to find out! Meyer and said that it is very funny and hot and romantic https:// Maryse, an author whose books are consistently humorously romantic is Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I’ve read them all and have laughed my way through most. I also have to add CD Reiss’ Songs of Submission Sequences 1, 2 and 3, plus two other novellas in the series. Hope this helps and we can’t wait to see your completed list. I loved bet me, Agnes and the hitman, and faking it by Jennifer Cruise (she has many more that are just as hilarious). Without giving away any spoilers, the first book is about Mac and her friends with benefits: she has several of them! (you need to add to your “N” author list..hehe) HELLER has it all; mystery, suspense, angst, swooning, heartbreak, lol moments and chuck the tablet!! ) was released and I’m just over the couch on this!! I wanted to add (as I thought they were quite funny) two books by Cindy Procter-King: Head Over Heels, and Borrowing Alex.

    She may have you laughing, but she’ll tug at your heart with the romantic tension, and the heartache. She’s a “regular” girl (struggling actress) in love with a one of Hollywood’s “it” actors. But his entourage and the paparazzi are making it extremely difficult. Don’t even get me on the “drunk bar scene” when he barks at he… Lots of steeeeamy romance in this series, and moments of heartbreak, too, but OMG is it funny! Grumpy, ancient vampire/famous author recluse (OMG! That reminds me, I need to add this to my “Hermit/Recluse” list, too! I was in tears laughing as he was discovering the “world” and having to deal with us voracious romance-reading women (’cause, lo and behold… Really, this is a must read if you’re in the mood for funny. Fabi: Tapping the Billionaire @27% I think I’m having an honest to goodness fit. I don’t know wth the title and cover are meant to be because they have nothing to do with this story. CD is part of the Erotica Consortium FB page, which is a great one to like! Rebel and Hellion by Elle Casey are both laugh out loud hilarious! The infamous Ellen James by NA Alcorn was one of my favorite funny books…book two which looks to be just as awesome releases on the 28th! Lastly, another I cannot think of on this list is The Frog Prince. i’ll be sure to read the other books on your lists though.

    (Visit Snaptube site too) is inspired in real life conversations, when you talk you can’t make the other person repeat a message just like if he or she was an answering machine, or if you see an image you just use your memory, that is the same when using SNAPCHAT.

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    But I realize, there’s also nothing better than a non-stop giggle-fest while reading, too. I have a few of my own recommendations under my belt, and I wanna read more of these! There were parts I liked but overall it just wasn’t for me, I just don’t find humor in calling a man’s [email protected]#$ a weewee or other toddler phrases.

    A relieving lighthearted “funny” between the angsty tearjerkers and the thrilling dark reads. So here are , and then those of our fellow readers. However, I think that had a lot to do with raising toddlers at the time I read them, lol – I needed books that made me feel like an adult!

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